Sensible Sensible

An all-in-one testing solutions for all sensors in your android phone. It provides a graphical interface to list and play around your sensors, as well as reporting sensor values for professional users. This application is suitable for developers, phone service technicians and other users who wish to know their phones inside out.


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Although not all devices embed all of the sensors listed by this application, it display icons for all possible sensors an android phone might have, hilighting the ones that you already have.

Unlike many other applications that provide only the numbers they get from devices, sensible changes this information back to physically "sensible" demonstrations. It has specific widgets for every sensor, including:

  • Gravity: A three-dimentional pendulum, or easy speaking a hanging ball.
  • Temperature: A thermometer for.
  • Magnetic Field: A pin that is attracted to magnets (you can use this one as a home trick)
  • Acceleration: Shake your phone and the ball will bounce.

Any of these features comes in separate apps in the store. So, you can have them all together. For the magnet widget you can use it as a home trick!

Easy to use

There is no big word involved in this application. Everything is depicted by icons and the words used to describe the items are just what you need to know. Moreover, it does not have a labyrinth of menus and a collection of hidden or hard-to-find features. When you open the application you already see everything it has to offer without the need to press any button.


If you are a professional, we will still give you the numbers you need. Just tap the screen and toggle the numbers. In the future, the graphs will also be provided. Using this application you can check if and how different sensors are working, how they change and how reliable the information provided by each of them is. It dumps every piece of information the phone has to provide and places them in the information bar.