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Turn your phone into a polling machine! Pollcast allows you to conduct polls and surveys over SMS. All you have to do is to create a poll, and set up questions and possible answers. Pollcast will then listen for incoming answers and monitors the results for you. They way it works is similar to SMS voting in some TV shows. Anyone who has a phone can participate in your poll.


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Simple and Effective

Just fill in the blanks for your poll, and it will be running. The results are visibe in the results pane, and are updated as new votes arrive.

Public / Closed Group

You can either conduct public polls, in which everyone can participate, or closed group polls, for which you select the numbers from your contacts. In either case, each person can only vote once for each poll.

Keep them all

Pollcast keeps a history of your past polls, so you can modify them, review the results, or re-conduct them. You can even have multiple polls active simultaneously, in which case participants of each poll should type a "prefix" corresponding to that specific poll, in their text messages. This prefix is also selected by you.